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Auto setting for cache voltage is it going too high?

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Hi fellow members! :D,

Recently did build of an i5 4690k with an Asus Maximus VII Ranger.

i) cleared CMOS and loaded defaults
ii) flashed bios to latest (1104>2601) then reset CMOS and loaded defaults.

Installed Win7 x64 and updated fully, installed HWinfo to check stock VID of CPU (1.11v) and noted VCCRING @ 1.20v, this seemed high to me.

As I was going to oveclock system I did these EFI changes to start with:-

Ai Overclock Tuner [Auto]->[Manual]
SVID Support [Auto]->[Disabled]
CPU Spread Spectrum [Auto]->[Disabled]
VRM Spread Spectrum [Enabled]->[Disabled]
Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology [Enabled]->[Disabled]
CPU C-States [Auto]->[Disabled]

Checked voltages again and with CPU @ Stock 3.9GHz and cache @ 1:1 VCCRING @ 1.20v and vCore was 1.11v.

After some testing 4.4GHz was attained with these setting (plus above):-

1-Core Ratio Limit [Auto]->[44]
2-Core Ratio Limit [Auto]->[44]
3-Core Ratio Limit [Auto]->[44]
4-Core Ratio Limit [Auto]->[44]
Min. CPU Cache Ratio [Auto]->[35]
Max. CPU Cache Ratio [Auto]->[35]
CPU Core Voltage [Auto]->[Manual Mode]
CPU Core Voltage Override [Auto]->[1.150]
CPU Load Line Calibration [Auto]-> [Level8]

Now VCCRING was 1.10v in HWinfo @ idle, same reading when stressing test with XTU / x264 / Prime95 v26.6 .

Then I thought before doing further testing check how far I can go with cache ratio, below is results on what auto cache voltage setting did:-

Cache Ratio Cache Voltage bios reading
39 1.20-1.21v
40 1.20-1.21v
41 1.20-1.21v
42 1.21v-1.22v
43 1.26-1.27v
44 1.26-1.27v

Why is mobo setting VCCRING ( VRING ) in auto mode so high for ratios 39-44 and low for 35?

I tested CPU 4.4GHz CACHE 3.9GHz XTU stable 6.5 hrs with vCore 1.16v and VCCRING manually set at 1.12v. Also did x264 10 passes and various games benchmarks at these settings.

Currently testing CPU 4.4GHz CACHE 4.1GHz with vCore 1.15v and VCCRING 1.11v with Prime95 v26.6 set to smallFFTs.

Thanks in advance for input fellow members! 😉
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