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AURA Compatibility without rgb headers [Z170 PRO GAMING AURA]

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There is a bunch of aura's motherboards which unfortunately don't own those "rgb headers" that allow to control your rgb led's color directly from their software.

If you don't see which are these headers, here they are (picture taken from this website, it is a maximus VIII Hero Alpha):

Well, I just bought one of them (The new Z170 PRO GAMING AURA) which don't have an rgb header. What an annoying thing when I especially bought it in order to avoid purchasing a led controler. (Yes I forgot to check it, my bad :sarcastic: )
But well, now that it's done I need to find a solution.. or at least try to.

So my question is: Is it possible to control RGB LED strips from Asus AURA's software with an AURA motherboard which don't have rgb headers? Is there any trick or any way to connect led strips to my motherboard to successfully solve my problem?

Thank you

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I did the same mistake as You. It would be nice if there was some PCIe / USB solution to this problem. Unfortunately there is none. Guess I will go with NZXT HUE+. Expensive but no other way around it

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Up! Same issue. I am also doubtful how aura sync works with an ROG certified RAM which supports Aura Synch Geil EVO X, which works if you connect the RAM RGB ports on one of the 4 pin RGB headers on the MoBo but z170 pro gaming /aura does not have one. However Geil Evo X has a 9/12v connector which you can plug on one of the mother board fan/s connector to lit up. Please note the the Geil Evo X does not light up by simply inserting it on the RAM slots it needs to be either plugged on an RGB header or a fan port to supply power on the RAM LEDS. Now the main question here is that if the aura sync software works the same way how the Mobo Syncs with my GTX 1070 strix. If Geil EVO X is powered by the fan headers it still lits up but on a linear phase R/G/B or RGB using the led switch so I am thinking that Aura syncs work only if plugged with an RGB header. So It's quite misleading where Geil EVO X is advertised as Aura sync but does not sync at all on z170 pro gaming aura which is an Aura Sync Mobo. I am hesitant to buy one of the Geil EVO X rams now since I am presuming the aura sync does not work with the RAM and z170 pro gaming Aura

Bahz, If you can take a look and validate this back end. That will be much appreciated.

Oh mate, same thing happened to me. Just bought this recently and was very excited until I learned that they don't have any RGB headers.. :(:(

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Has anyone else found a way to get this support using a say USB header to AURA adapter or something?

warbosschoppa wrote:
Has anyone else found a way to get this support using a say USB header to AURA adapter or something?

Now RGB header there is even on ASUS ROG Strix B250I or ASUS STRIX B250F GAMING, which are significantly cheaper -_-

I am disappointed