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Asus Z97-k / USB3.1 no Intel microcode update

Level 7
Sooo, I was trying to help a family member out with their PC, I noticed the BIOS was outdated, and upgrade to the latest one.
And then I remember z97 was a motherboard that received microcode updates from Intel to resolve the Spectre problems.

I saw this Asus post:

I am a bit puzzle to see Asus Z97-A motherborad on the list, but not Z97-K, they are essentially the same motherboard.

I would expect something marked as a "severe" vulnerability would get more attention from Asus, and all the Z97 motherboard would receive and update to patch it.

An yet, the Asus news post is from 2018, and no other motherboard were offered with the patch.

I want to know, given there are other Z97 motherboards with Asus Bios patched, would it be possible for me to compile a bios that has the patch?
Or is it possible for Asus to realease a Bios with the upgraded microcode for Z97-k / USB3.1 just like they did to other z97 motherboards.

I have another Z97 motherboard from AsRock, and as far as I can tell all of their motherboards received the patch.
Why oh why would Asus ignore something that is rated as a severe vulnerability?

Level 7

Asus updated a lot of Z97 motherboards.
I see a very similar to mine, Z97-A / USB 3.1

Any ideas how I can get this microcode update for my motherboard too?

Hi oliva33

It looks like only the higher end motherboards made the list, the Z97-A/USB 3.1 probably made it by the skin of its teeth.

Being Z97 is seven generations old, I wouldn't expect anymore bios releases.

And it was 3 generations old when Asus released the BIOS upgrade, for all the other motherboards.
Makes no sense to update only the higher end Z97 boards.
This problem did not affect z97 only. And security, and exploits reported as severe should not only be patched for higher end motherboard models.

I didn't see ASROCK having the same behavior.
It's disappointing to see Asus doing this.

If Asus won't upgrade the microcode, is there a way I can do it myself? Like a Bios mode or something?

The ASUS Z97-k supports tpm 1.2, there is a tpm header to install a 20-1 pin tpm module.

If you're wanting to upgrade to windows 11, it may not be possible as you need tpm 2.0.

Looking in the manual, this tpm 1.2 module is compatible with your motherboard.

Z97-k manual