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Asus Z87 Pro Error Code 98 (Wont post)

Level 7
So my build is,

Asus z87 pro Motherboard
Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB RAM
i5 4670k CPU
xfx r9 390 Graphics Card
256gb samsung 840 evo SSD
wd blue t1b HHD
corsair rm 750 PSU

So to sum up my story. My computer went through a power surge or ''brown out'' while plugged into an APC UPS, after the surge my computer would not post but the mb was still receiving power as all of the led's and fans would turn on. The mb is a asus z87 pro which displays an error code 98 "console input devices connected" each time I had tried to turn it on. I basically tried every troubleshooting method I had found such as disconnecting all hardware except the cpu and a stick of ram, resetting the cmos, tried a bios flashback which actually failed every time I tried even with different flashdrives. My computer actually had this problem in the past with not posting and an error 98 but I was somehow able to get it to boot by cold booting it about 20 times until it just suddenly started working. This time it would not post at all which makes me believe whatever damage was there finally killed something. Last I'd like to mention that I tried a different power supply and it still wouldn't post. I'm wondering what hardware could be bad? I'm also going to be purchasing a new UPS with sinewave to be more safe next time since my current UPS couldn't prevent the surge.

P.S. I was reading that someone with a similar issue actually had an issue with their USB controller on their CPU which can cause an error 98 to trigger and also cause the computer to not post. I could see an issue with the USB controller being possible, since ive had small USB issues in the past such as the rgb on my keyboard randomly flickering maybe once or twice a day for a second.