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Asus Z170 Pro Gaming HDMI port issue

Level 7
Hi, firstly sorry for my english. I write here cuz this board can be my last chance to not taking to pieces my custom pc and sending mobo to asus on warranty.

Like in topic im using Asus z170pro gaming mobo with integrated GPU from skylake. Build is about year old, like mentioned still on warranty but still looking options to find explanation/solution before using a screwdriver and visiting seller shop 🙂

I use back panel ports on it. VGA to display monitor and HDMI to extend dekstop to TV for movies. Everything worked fine using VGA+HDMI combination with integrated graphic card (i dont have dedicated and i dont uderstand explanation in this post).

Suddenly some time ago (3 weeks? ) after changing source in TV options and switching to hdmi - no desktop, no movie, no sound.. Firstly i though it fault of TV so i did factory reset, firmware update and other things i googled including power unplug and switching power on order. But after connecting other devices to TV realized its not TV issue - 2 notebooks works fine with TV even on my pc's hdmi cable.. so i tried everything with my computer to find solution.. Especially what is strange for me:

1. Turning on/off connected to TV computer changes "not connected" to "no signal" message and backward: (first click sound is turning pc off and second turning on).
2. In this case Samsung TV is detected as second display: and as u can see - desktop is extended also on screenshot but no signal on TV in any view. Also sound device in try can be selected Samsung audio for intel devices..

So .. HDMI port partially works..

Ofc i tried to connect my PC to other TV's, to other display monitors - 5 different display devices using 3 different hdmi cables and its not fault of displays and cables - in my opinion mobo.. but why, what, any suggestions?

What i tried?

- connecting other computers to display devices (succesfully for laptops not for my PC)
- connecting PC to different displays using single,extended,duplicated view - (unsuccesfully - no signal or black sccreen)
- Reinstalling win10 (format c )
- removing displays, intel gpu, soundcard etc via devices menager
- unistalling via devices menager and reinstalling lastest drivers from asus to z170pro gaming, and from intel to i7 6700k
- updating bios to lastest one
- using different cables (good quality, gold plugs, different lenght)
- changing boot order (pc+tv)
- changing scaling size ,different resolution, frequency (50-60 Hz) in video card settings
- cleaning hdmi port with compressed air
- plug cable deeper 😉

What is important :
- HDMI worked almost a year with permanently pluged in TV - there was not any win10 update on a day and before i found issue
- there is no signal during POST and in windows
- atm temporary using DVI-D port + adapter to HDMI female + mentioned hdmi cable to connect TV so cable works

If u have any suggestions plz post, or plz explain me - how can hdmi port be broken if e.g. TV is detected like on screen above? Answer worth a bootle of vodka before i will send mobo for warranty and i make a fool of oneself 😛 If u need any data, more info - just ask

P.S i wont buy external GPU card for a while and even i use dvi atm, i want fix hdmi for own peace of mind.