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ASUS Z 390 E Gaming RGB Header

Level 7
I've upgraded my System, with a few more RGB Components and i've noticed the Position for the Adressable RGB Header is not that good on the Mainboard. Since my GPU sitting rather close to the Cable, i've already added something to support the 3 Pin on the Board so i wont hopefully have bend Pins, but it feel a bit uneasy about that, any advices or Ideas ?



Level 14
Yeah, that's not ideal. As long as it's not actually holding the GPU's weight up, it's probably ok-ish, but not an good idea to have actual pressure on it. Is your GPU sagging (hard to tell in that pic), so maybe a GPU support bracket might reduce the pressure a bit? The problem is mostly due to the high spec connector on that RGB cable, with its big moulded strain relief sticking up a bit too far. You could try to find a RGB cable with a lower profile connector, as they don't really need to be quite that big; either to completely replace that cable or an extension for it. The ARGB cables which ASUS supply with products are a lot more minimal, for example, although I don't know if you'd be able to buy them separately.

Edit: The connector doesn't really need to be any bigger or fancier than the smaller one immediately below it (a fan cable, I'd guess). That's what I mean by lower profile, something a bit more like that.

Level 7
Thanks 🙂

I already have a Support Bracket and looked for a Cable which has a smaller Connector, i found this one :

I'll give it a try.