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ASUS X570 Event 17, WHEA logger warnings fix, When?

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Other manufacturers fixed those errors in log, ASUS is the only one that still have them. When is this going to be fixed?

I'm running 3700x with GTX1080 Ti, and I get at least three warnings on boot, and can trigger more just by running CPUZ, HWINFO, Ryzen master, Msi Afterburner, etc.

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Same here!

I get them all the time. I've got a rx 5700 xt GPU.

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Thought these were fixed in 803 with an AGESA update, can’t recall if you needed the latest AMD chipset software installed as well, but no harm in installing. *I’ve not had a single WHEA error with my build.
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Same problem tuf 570 and rtx 2070

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Hi, I'm having the exact same problem with a Ryzen 7 3700X and an Asus Prime X570-Pro (BIOS 1201, Agesa ABBA). Video card is an RTX 2070 Super (Asus ROG Strix A8G Gaming), memory: G.Skill 3200MHz with XMP profile enabled. I managed to reduce the amount of WHEA warnings by disabling the PCI Express power saving feature in the power plan itself. I also got a WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR Stop error (ie. Blue Screen Of Death) with my previous video card which was a RTX 2070 A8G-Gaming (Asus). I mistakenly returned it becuause the crashdump showed that the Nvidia High Definition Audio Controller was faulty (UC - unexpected completion and CTO - completion timeout occurred and that's the reason why it was deemed uncorrectable).

I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem. However I'm expecting Asus+AMD+nVidia to come with a solution soon.

I'm not a hardware expert but from the architecture of the Zen2 platform it seems that the PCI Express controller resides in the CPU itself, hopefully this is some kind of a power saving or PCIe 4.0 issue which can be fixed with a BIOS update.

Currently I'm experiencing Event 17 correctable errors which point to the nVidia High Definition Audio Controller and the GPU itself (10DE/1E84 and 10DE/10F8). I can reproduce it by rebooting the machine (I get around 3) and around 1-2 when running GPU intensive applications like Folding@Home.

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reinstall the generic Nvidia driver or Asus cusmized nvidia driver will fix this issues
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raju2529 wrote:
reinstall the generic Nvidia driver or Asus cusmized nvidia driver will fix this issues

No, unfortunately it didn't help although I gave it a try. This is a hardware error, it won't be solved by reinstalling different kinds of software although it is possible to circumvent the problem with a software workaround. That's up to the engineers at nVidia/AMD (Asus) to decide. Either the CPU's PCI Express controller is faulty or there is a problem with the motherboard (perhaps the clocks are unstable etc.). At best there will be a BIOS fix that can mask the problem but nothing else.

raju2529 wrote:
reinstall the generic Nvidia driver or Asus cusmized nvidia driver will fix this issues

No that is not true!
Even without driver this issue is there,

it because ASUS missed the option for change PCIe_1 x16.