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ASUS X570 CROSSHAIR HERO VIII Stuck in A8 password verification 1800x

Level 7
Hello Guys,

I upgraded my motherboard from ASUS HERO VI for my 1800x as a placeholder for 3950x and it booted up good and was working perfectly.

I visited the website below and downloaded latest bios version 0803 and flashed it. after flash, computer is stuck in A8 error code (Password verification)

I have already tried using a 16 GB drive formatted in FAT32 and copied the bios file after renaming it to C8HW.CAP. put it in correct USB slot that says BIOS and held the bios button for 3 sec and I see the light blinking 3 times but then it will be stable meaning nothing is happening. Not sure what to try..

Any suggestions ? IF nothing works I am planning to return this 375$ board for a MSI or something that will work. I should have stayed with 0590 or what ever it came with 😕

Level 7
Thanks for sharing guys.. it’s a shame that ASUS and AMD blocking out gen 1 ryzen just for the sake of it. Such a shame. If it is not compatible it should not work from day one.. this is just stupid. I am returning it and won’t bother upgrading motherboard as 3950x will work on x370 anyway... I was so happy buying it and now I have to return it. I wanted onboard Wi-Fi but what the heck. I will use WiFi card instead and save 375$ and put it on my GPU upgrade. If 3950 is not supported on x370 hero VI just because AMD and ASUS decided so, so be it. I will settle for 3900x and will invest the rest in GPU. I hate intel for doing similar stuff and now AMD wants to do the same then you get the same treatment.. very angry and pissed with AMD and Asus..*

Guys try bios 1302 i heard that it works on this one