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ASUS warranty is a fraud

Level 7
My ROG CROSSHAIR VI EXTREME started have boot issues. It would get stuck at code 0L..
I sent the board in for warranty repair.. only to get it denied by asus saying it was damaged and wanted $300 to repair..they send me this picture of the damage..The picture shows no damage..
Asus warranty is fraud.. I am trying very hard not to complete loose it..
I have bought dozens or more Asus boards never claimed a warranty repair..If I had known it was a scam,,, I would have never bought an Asus..
buyer beware..this company will cheat you..


Level 9
few bend pins in USB connector.. ok do you using that? a scratch from screw? really???? scratch in place where you tighten a screw. Yeah that is totally worth $300.

I know . I would have straightened the pins if I thought for a second it mattered.which it does not...

its a total scam... they actually think i would pay them $300 plus dollars to fix it....

here is the email..they want what the board cost to repair

well I have been ordering several motherboards from Asus last few weeks ..very weird how they all seems to fry a few minutes after I get them.. all of them .high end boards too like Hero's.. ect... have to send back for a full refund... hope this is not hurting honest Asus's company profits..