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Asus TUF Z390 pro gaming boot issue

Level 7
i have a problem Asus Tuf z390, intel i7 8700k and watercooler corsair h80i v2.
when turn on, the system off for seconds and the turn on again normal.

the system off right when yellow light (dram) check --but, tridentz rgb was not the problem, we tested it with other system it works fine --

we remove everything, the setup is 2 fans connected to Y spliter plug in to CPU_opt. another plug in to CPU-fan. usb mini plug in to mboard usb header. we tested it with only mboard, 2 memories, h80i v2 and wd black m.2 nvme and 750watt psu. the problem still persist.

what have i done wrong ? Is it the board's bios --we updated to lastest version? the h80i v2, fan header ? m.2-windows ?
all are new fresh from the box, even the shop owner has no clue.