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ASUS TUF Gaming Z490 Plus - Processor Air Cooler vs. Memory height

Level 7

(I'm sorry for my "not so good" English, that's not my native language)

I have an Asus TUF Gaming Z490 Plus, at the moment I am using the stock cooler for my Intel I7 10700. I wanted to switch the processor air cooler, for another air cooler, in order to reach lower temperatures.

My concern is that I am using 2 Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 memories, they're quite tall, I'm wondering if using another air cooler will maybe block some RAM slots.

I'm thinking on buy a PROCESSOR COOLER COOLER MASTER HYPER 212 RGB BLACK EDITION, RR-212S-20PC-R1, anyone has this identical setup and call tell me that I will be able to use slots 2 and 4 (the grey ones, recommended to use if using only 2 memories)? Doing some physical measurements, seems to me that it will block slots 1 and 2.

In addition, if you guys have another good air cooler to recommend me instead of that one (that will not block any RAM slots along with this motherboard, and that also is compatible with Aura Sync - I'm using Intel LGA 1200 (i7 10700 as I've mentioned))

Many thanks.

Best regards.