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Asus TUF Gaming B550-plus HDD led

Level 7
Good afternoon everyone!

I recently bought a new Asus TUF Gaming B550-plus motherboard for my Ryzen 9 5950x with a shiny new Patriot VIPER VP4100 PCIX 4.0 SSD. It is flying super fast, although I found when I have any read or write activity, the HDD activity led on my new motherboard is not so "reactive" as my previous ones. With my previous ASUS motherboards if I had any reads and writes it was flashing rapidly and instantly when some IO happened, it was very useful as with that I knew some IO is working in the background. With my new motherboard in 99% of the time it doesn't flash at all, it is blinking a few times during the reboot and when I load up a game, but that's it. I ran an IOMETER to generate high reads/writes, basically that is the only way I can make it continuously blink, but it is on for a half second and off for a half second, and on and off again, like an index in a car, not really useful.

So instead of flashing up the led when there is any IO activity, it continuously blinks slowly and only if a long IO reads or writes happen, which is rare. I did prefer the previous way as it was more "reactive". I tried to find any options in the BIOS to change back the sensitivity of the HDD indicator led, but found nothing on that.

Do you know how could I get somehow back the "reactive" HDD led for my new motherboard?

Thank you!