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Asus Sabertooth z270 Mark 1 Bios freezing hard lock up!

Level 7
I just recently purchased the Tuf z270 motherboard and I am having issues in the bios. i don't remember which bios came with the board since I know for fact it was a lower number variant than the one on the Asus disk. I noticed some locking and freezing before I even updated the Bios from the manufacturer base version sent with this motherboard.

The Bios will freeze on the boot screen interface and or in the utility section of the bios; such as ez bios. I have not had a bad flash using the utility, meaning the bios has never froze when I was able to flash said bios. I have also used bios flashback to test and rule out issues outside of the bios. I can't always select my boot drives etc without a hard lock up and I want to know if anyone else has this issue.

[B Also ]Is Asus aware of this and are possibly rolling out a stability bios update or perhaps maybe I have a bad board and it's an isolated incident

Atm; I am using BIOS 0701, and I have even rolled back to the previous bios versions which there are a total of 3 variants with no luck. I know the drill I have been building PC's since 1996 and yes I have cleared cmos, yes I have removed my sata drives but the problem persists.

Any help is appreciated because i am trying to determine if i should do a straight exchange with Amazon and keep this branded board or pick up a different Asus board. Thank You and if there is a beta driver available I wouldn't mind trying it before I tear my PC apart.

Intel I7 7700k
Asus Sabertooth z270 Mark 1
Kingston hyper dimms @2400
Evga Gtx 1080 SC
Corsair Rmx 850 psu
3 Samsung 850 pro SSD
Corsair Hydro 100i v2

Level 13
If you've flashed back outside of the BIOS and used multiple variants I would be looking elsewhere for the problem. Possibly ram or even CPU.*

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein

JustinThyme wrote:
If you've flashed back outside of the BIOS and used multiple variants I would be looking elsewhere for the problem. Possibly ram or even CPU.*

I have my replacement board coming tomorrow, and I have to admit you might be right. The reason I got this new PC build was due to the fact that 90% of my components were hosed by a corsair cooler master H100i v2 back in December.

Mind you this was my new build I put together in October and I will list the specs and leave an explanation at the bottom.

Intel I7 6700k=Destroyed by glycol
Asus Sabertooth Z170= destroyed by glycol
Asus GTX dual 1070= Destroyed by Glycol
Evga 850w psu= destroyed by Glycol

This was all deemed destroyed by Corsairs damage claim team and I'll admit that I thought for sure my ram sticks were destroyed as well because they were so saturated, I mean they got it the worse. II will swap sticks and thanks for the tip. Going to run some memory tests to see if something pops up, and remove the ram and see if I can enter the bios. If the ram sticks are bad I need to call corsair right away6240362404

Level 13
Holy cow!*
That's one more reason I'm not to thrilled with AIOs. Too much plastic. I have one that I retired for testing out of case purposes only. You are not the first I have seen this happen to. A friend had the same model and the tubings plastic fitting on the block just snapped clean off and spewed everywhere. I'm into overly impressed with the surface of the block either. A bit rough IMO.

They are easy to install and better than a crappy air HSF but a premium air HSF will perform as good or better and you don't have to worry about it spewing. *Custom loops get a bit pricey but in the end you know exactly what you have and if built with quality components and a little maintenance here and there it will Last a very long time and is reliable to not spew all over your hardware. I think I would have spewed if I looked in my case and saw that!

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein

Oh man it was tragic LOL, I'm just glad my SSD and HDD survived. I am actually worried with my replacement h100v2.

I must say 2 thing's, first and foremost you have been a big help and Ty for that, 2ndly although I had no PC for two months; Corsair made things right in the end.

So ya I think doing my own loop would be a fun project and definitely something I need to research. I just needed some confidence and motivation to do so

I really appreciate the help once again, BTW my replacement motherboard just showed up and I will install it this weekend. I need to run some memtest programs as well. Maybe memtest+? It's been a while and I'm not all up to speed on memory testing applications. Any worthy suggestions?


I wanted to do a follow up. I had Amazon do cross ship on a new Asus Tuf Mark 1 Mobo.

The new Asus Tuf motherboard is running great. It appears I had a defective unit.

Thanks for the forum assistantince. I can close this thread as the problem has been resolved Ty.