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ASUS Sabertooth 990FX Rev. 1 and AMD FX9590

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Hi all,

Following the massive price drop, I am going to order an FX9590 (€300). Is this CPU going to work on my motherboard - Sabertooth 990FX rev. 1 with the latest official BIOS version, 1604?

I was encouraged to get my hands on a 9590 thanks to this thread. I have a rev1 sabertooth. No problems running on default settings, but getting a constant 5Ghz seems to take quite a bit of fiddling. Had to bump vcore all the way up to 1.53 to get it stable in prime blend test. Temps are areound 60-65 for the socket and around 55-60 for the cores under full load. Ran blend test for a couple of hours, but still not convinced its never gonna crash when gaming (bf4 mostly). I have the chip watercooled with a single 140mm (86mm thick) rad and a single 200mm rad. I'd be more than happy to hear from more of you about your experiences in getting the 9590 5Ghz stable.

Hey guys! This thread made me register for the forums!!! I myself have a ASUS Sabertooth 990FX rev1 board and I am thinking of upgrading my PC really soon. When it comes to the latest AMD CPUs, which one is would you guys recommend? Money isn't really a issue since you can get the top of the line available water cooled CPU for under $450 bucks. The only thing is, should I even spend all that money when I can spend a little less and get probably similar performance? I am not huge on overclocking even though I do like to play with that every once in a while. I primarily just game on my system but I like to game in style with maxed out settings, I also stream gaming. Should I get the 9590 for this system board? Or settle for something like the 9370 or even 8000 series? The one thing I do worry about is heat. I don't want to kill anything. This will be a pretty fresh build. My system board is the only thing I intend on keeping and everything else will be new. I typically only rebuild systems once every 5 years give or take. Also I've never really delved into water cooling, whether it be a single device or the whole system. Would it be worth getting the water cooled CPUs? Or just get the regular CPU and invest in a aftermarket cooling? Again I've never dealt with water cooling but I may want to experiment with this build. Any suggestion etc would be most helpful. Also I just update my BIOS to v1604 so everything should be okay? Also I heard you guys talking about VRM, I know the VRM was updated with rev2 but how about the rev1? Is there some sort of cooling device I could get for this or should I have no issues? Thanks for any help again! I use to be heavy into PC hardware but I don't pay attention too much these days. :confused:

Sabertooth 990fx rev 1
Corsair H100i
1866 Corsair Dominator 32GB
GTX 690
Antec 1200
bios 16.04

I had to take wire snippers to the antec case to vertically mount the radiator in the back vertical exhaust. Also, the USB jacket on the Corsair USB connector doesn't fit well with the out of the box AMD mount tools. I had to take a razer to the plastic underside to make some space. Also, I was using a Phantek air cooler which replaces the default plastic AMD cooler mounts, so I had to dig through my equipment box to find the old motherboard mounts.

When I first booted up, it stopped half a dozen times. I had to put the old processor back in and turn all the bios settings back onto auto (yeah I know). There's no good temperature gauge for the Corsair stuff. I installed their USB drivers and the temp gauge reports really low temperatures while the bios says 43C, the Corsair software hovers at 8-29C. Very odd. I ran all the Passmark performance benchmarks and burn-in tests so it's all stable and cool. My FX-8150 was so hot I had to put extra fans on my phantek and try to put an active Corsair memory fan on it too as it was right over and touching my 4 dimms.

I have it running stable at 4.5Ghz. I'm going to turn it back up to 4.7Ghz. I had it running for a half an hour at 5Ghz straight (not turbo) until it crapped out. I had to turn all the turbo stuff off. My Corsair Dominator memory seems to freak out too, so I am starting back at the bottom at 1333mhz and working my way up. I have it at 1600mhz right now as I type this.

Hi All,
Just joined the forum as I have the exact, same issue as outlined by Muha Akhusiyya above. My system is currenty based on a Sabertooth 990FX Rev.1, running a Phenom II X6 1090T processor with an Antec Kuehler water circulation CPU cooler. I looked at the 990FX Rev 1 spec.; & on that basis thought I would have to max out at the FX8-8350 with the most recent 1604 version BIOS. Could Muha give an update about stability of the 9590/ 990FX Rev 1 combination? Since I am upgrading GPU also; but the supplier is still awaiting availability of the Sapphire R9 290 Vapor-X, I still have time to change my order from the 8350 to 9590. The price delta between these is now only about £90 in the UK. Regards & Thanks, Brian Gregory.:confused:

Level 40
All good buddy I am a big AMD fan too.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

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Good info mate, Nice 1!
They're pretty toastie chips then 😄

Yes, they are 🙂 But with some experimenting one may find the balance between lower voltage and higher MHz. Provided the board supports the CPU, which so far seems to be true for Sabertooth 990FX rev. 1.

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Nice1 Good luck with it mate, Hopefully you get some good result's.

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If you want to keep those VRM's from melting, I advise you to find a high RPM 120mm fan and have it blowing over those VRM's to keep them cool. There was a note in a thread posted by MarshallR stating that the best way to keep them cool is under liquid and since you're already using a Closed Loop Cooler, a high RPM fan should do the trick pretty well 🙂

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