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Asus ROG Strix X570-F Agesa, when ?!

Level 7
So I might be wasting my time yet again but I'm quite surprised and disappointed to see what I considered to be the best hardware brand having such a lame customer service along with BIOS R&D.

X570 Strix mobos are still on Agesa meanwhile crosshair series got every single update swiftly. Are we to assume strix series are just gimmicks not to be taken seriously ?

Not only Gigabyte are communicative but they beat everyone else in providing this critical ABB to every of their compatible mobos.

Is asus too busy throwing shade at Gigabyte in the form of slides to actually be working on the reasons why they should be intimated by them ? Such a disappointment...

I have tried asking customer service but after a week of running around the bush with what appeared to be brain dead cyborgs I gave up.

It was like "Hello when is ABB coming so I can finally use my rig properly ?
- Send us a picture of your BIOS configuration.
- Wait what ? Why would that have anything to do with my question ?
- We take BIOS update very seriously, some deep testing is required and I'm sure that R&D is working on it IF it's required.
- So you're gonna tell me you took no precaution updating Crosshair series the next day but are being more cautious with lower-end mobos and that I may actually never see it deployed ?!
- Send us a picture of your BIOS on EZ mode so we can escalate your request.
-... "

Maybe I should ask Gigabyte to update my asus motherboard, that would make a hilarious slide...

Level 7
Hey, call them about the great positioning of the chipset heatsink... i'd love to hear what they say about it!!!
This is from the x570-e but i bet the -f is the same

Level 7
if you want the update you can check my post here giving links to all the updates for all x570 boards.