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ASUS ROG rampage IV extreme

Level 7

My pc does not have a problem when im using it but whenever i try to play, it randomly shuts down and turns on again.

And sometimes the memory would always be at 98-100%.

Any information on how can i fix this and what's the cause of this problem? I have tried searching from the internet already.

Pc specs:

Radeon R9 390, Asus Rampage IV Extreme, 24gb RAM, Intel i7 4930K


Level 8

Hi ,

Try checking out this thread , based on ur answer the issues u are facing are similar :

I tried all of those things but it still shutdowns whenever I open or play a game for minutes.

Its my first time building a pc and im guessing that its not getting enough power. I have a 1300watt psu but i only plug it in 110v in an avr/usp.

Do i need to plug it in the 220v?