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asus rampage iv gpu fan header location?

Level 7
i just got this mother couple days ago im still waiting for my cpu to be shipped before i start my build. i was reading through the manual and looking at the board and is there a specific place to hook up your gpu fan? i have a cooler master haf x case with a fan specifically for the gpu on the side of my case and im not sure how im going to use it on the motherboard.

Level 8
There are 2 types of headers on the board. The Chassis_x headers and the Opt_fanx headers. The Chassis fans run at a constant 100% speed as far as I can tell. The Opt_fan headers correspond to the temperature probe sensors.
So if you wanted to go that route you could use the Opt_fan2 header connected to a fan attached to your GPU and a thermo couple connected to Opt_temp2 so the fan would adjust dynamically. You can set it's speed range within BIOS.

What type of connector do you have on your side fan? If it's molex you'll need an adapter if you want it to dynamically adjust. You'll also need a thermo couple.
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