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Asus Rampage IV Formula, no post, no debug leds

Level 7

I have a PC wth the following specs:

Asus Rampage IV Formula Motherboard
i7 3820
Cooler Master Haf X case
Corsair RM850 PSU
7 harddisks
DDR3 rams 4GB x 2
Corsair fan and heat sink CPU cooler (model unknown)
Windows 7

I had this PC since about 2013. About 2 years ago my apartment complex installed a power generater and I bought a good quality online UPS. In case of a power outage generater kicks in 15 seconds and UPS lasts for 30 minutes. Since then I have never truely shutdown this PC. I have restarted either with Windows restart or in blue screen or other dire situations with the reset button on the case but never really truly powered-off.

I dont do any gaming or CPU or GPU intensive stuff with this PC. I need a lot of harddisk space and back then this motherbard impressed me with 8 SATA ports.

About a week ago as I was copying some large database file (~80GB) from a HDD to another, Windows gave a I/O error for the target HDD. I panicked and actually powered off the PC. And then the problems started.

PC would not turn on, not with the power button on the case or the motherbaord's power button. No lights or any signs of life.

I read somewhere about dust issues, got myself a leaf blower and cleaned the case but not much dust came off.

I hypothesized about PSU issue so I bought a new one. I wanted the exact same model but could not find it so I settled for Corsair RM650.

With the new PSU some life came back to the motherboard. Power and reset buttons light up. There is a red led strip light running along the board which lights up. Left BIOS led lights and upon pressing the BIOS change button, it switches to the other led.

But 2 digit debug lights are blank, no degug code or anything. Short or long pressing either or both of the power or the reset button of the motherboard do nothing, no joy.

Upon studying the forum further, I removed the motherbard from the case, removed everything and placed the motherbard on an insulating box on the table. I even removed the CPU and tried it with only the 24 pin power. I checked the CPU slot but I cannot find any sort of damage. I put the CPU back, applied thermal paste, put back the CPU cooler. Naturally also inserted the 8 pin CPU power.

A detailed study of the motherboard with a magnifiying glass revealed nothing of interest, no cooked chips or anything out of the ordinary.

I replaced the BIOS battery with a fresh one, nothing happened.

Whatever I do, the result is the same: motherboard lights up except for the debug leds, pressing power or reset does nothing.

Any ideas?

Also, I am not shy about buying a new motherboard (newer model I suppose) and maybe a new CPU. In case my motheerboard is dead, would you recomend an ASUS motherboard? No gaming or high end stuff but I need plenty of SATA ports.

Thank you.