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Asus Rampage IV Black Edition Running RAID 1 and crossfire??

Level 7
hi im currently running:
windows 7 x64 pro
asus rampage iv black edition
1x gigabyte r9 280x
1x saphire r9 280x
raid 1 with seagate hybrid drives

The RAID 1 is by using the intel raid controller (port 0 and 1)
when i run the cards not in crossfire everything is fine but as soon as i go to catalyst and enable crossfire. It changes my motherboards bios from the sata configuration of RAID to AHCI, which breaks my raid array. However my system drive is still fine but afterward if i go to mobo bios and change it back to raid the screen gets all weird.

conclusion how can i set up crossfire and keep my windows RAID 1 (dont tell me to get a RAID card because i already do and im running 8x4tb drives in RAID 6.)

Level 7
update* i called asus and they told me that it's probably a defective board so having it RMA