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Asus rampage iv black edition pci-e 5 gpus stable

Level 7
Hey all, I'm new to this thread. Hoping for some help and answers. I own a rampage iv black edition running a xeon 2697v2. Currently running 32gbx4 slots of ram. I have repurposed this board for mining. I am using gtx 1070. So far I have been able to get it to post 5 gpus. The board has 6 pci slots. When I hooked up a 6th card the board will hang with error d6. If I remove the 6th card we are back to booting normal. The extra pci sound card has never been installed or used. I've tried every configuration of pci slots connected with same results and up to date bios. Is there any way to get this board to hit all 6? The board has 8 total ram slots. Do I need to install all slots to get channels working? Any help is much appreciated.