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Asus Rampage III Extreme, 1366/X58

Level 7


I am still on this great motherboard, using Intel Extreme 990X and I use an MSI GeForce GTX 580 Lightning Xtreme Edition 3GB graphic card. I am wondering what newer graphic cards can I install and use on this motherboard. Can I use, say, 1080TI, 2080TI, 3090TI and so on? Does anyone know if this Rampage III Extreme can utilize any of these newer cards? Will the system boot and run if I install any of these much newer series GPUs?

I hope to hear back from someone who knows! 🙂 



Level 7

I am also still using my Asus Rampage III Extreme MB with a liquid cooled Intel i7-980X Extreme. The initial build (2010) I was using 2 EVGA GTX 480 GPU's in SLI. In 2012 I upgraded the GPU to a EVGA GTX 690 which was really 2 GTX 680's in SLI on a single PCB solution. With the upgrade I did have a improvement in performance.

As to your question can you upgrade to a newer GPU? The answer is most certainly yes. This does come with some caveats though. You need to make sure you have a PSU that can handle the increased wattage that newer cards require along with the required 8 or 6 pin power connectors. If you go too over the top with a GPU you may actually degrade your performance. There is a high probability that you will create a CPU bottleneck. There is no benefit going for anything past the 1080TI you stated as that card alone will already be overkill for the Rampage III and will be greatly under utilized. Anything beyond that will only be worse and again may actually degrade performance below your current setup.

As to whether the Rampage III can utilize any of these new cards depends on ones definition of "utilize". Your GTX 580 has only 3GB of memory which falls below the minimum requirements of most games today which recommend at least 4GB. My 690 keeps me in the game still due to a 680 GPU having 2GB of VRAM each, so 2GB X2 gives me 4GB total. VRAM gain alone will help you out. Since you are running a single GTX 580 it's likely you will see some performance improvement from a newer more capable GPU. Your mileage will vary depending on what GPU you try. My system still performs extremely well. When installing games such as ATS (American Truck Simulator) the auto detect system puts sliders varying from HIGH to ULTRA, not too shabby for a 13 year old system. Played WoT with zero issues. The X58 chipset was know as one of Intel's best in the past. Never regretted my build. Since all GPU's are backward compatible, you will have no issue with installing a GPU and not being able to boot your computer. The PCIe limits of the Rampage III will hamstring any newer card, even my GTX 690. The worst case scenario is the GPU will be underutilized and depending on to what degree it may actually slow your system down from your current setup as I mentioned previously.The only way you can improve that issue is by upgrading the CPU which you can't do as you already have the top CPU for the 1366 socket. I'm assuming you have the 990X OC'd.

Nice to see these beasts are still alive and kicking. They still outperform economy builds of today.