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Asus rampage 3 extreme black edition

Level 7
Hi guys

thought this was the only place to get some proper answers about my motherboard

I have a weird situation, I have some corsair dominator GT CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 6GB 3 X 2GB 8-9-8-24
memory and when I install them into the rampage 3 extreme black, the system will only post when the ram is in the 3 ram slots away from the CPU, if I try the 3 ram slots closest to the CPU, the system will not boot and the numeric LED on the motherboard cycles through 00 83 10 29 & does not post, I can hear everything else start up hard-drives etc, GPU
but nothing on the monitor

I have tried each individual ram module separately in the 3 slots closest to the CPU & still no luck

would really need some expert advice!


Level 13
Thats actually normal. The memory controller requires those memory slots to be occupied in one DIMM per channel mode. The manual that shipped with your board does tell you to use those slots as well. It isn't a bug or a weird anomaly, it's just how Intel designed the CPUs to work.

so your saying I should always use the 3 slots away from the CPU and the 3 slots closest to the CPU are not meant to work only when I have all 6 populated ?

Level 13
Yes exactly that.

Level 7
thank you, at-least now I Know I don't have a faulty Board 🙂


just another question

can this motherboard take some xeons?

for example xeon X5660 or L5639? & is it fully supported etc?


Level 13
Check the product page for the board - there is a CPU support list. If it's not on there, then no.