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Asus Prime z390a not reconized icue and aura

Level 7
I recently had an issue with my motherboard not showing up in icue nor aura. Ive never had a single issue with this pc since I built it. I have icue installed along with asus aura most recent. I use Icue for all rgb lighting.

I usually let my PC go to sleep and ill come back to it. The issue I had was when I woke the pc up, my motherboard lighting and ram lighting was solid red which did not go along with the profile. This is a normal issue, and is always solved by restarting the icue service or closing and reopening icue. This was not the case. My motherboard lights went completely off and were not working at all. I uninstalled using revo uninstaller and removing every trace of icue and aura. Still nothing. Finally after multiple reinstalls and reboots, I turned the pc off for the night. I UNPLUGGED the PC and went to bed.

Woke up the next morning and plugged the PC back in to start it. Before starting it, the motherboard lights were working. Just wanted to pass this info along to anyone this issue happens to.