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ASUS PRIME X570-PRO boot issue with Crucial Ballistix Sport LT XMP-3200 profile

Level 7
I'm periodically having boot problems. Sometimes after computer was switched off for several hours motherboard does not want to boot. Boot process hangs with YELLOW LED light. After pressing reset button everything boots up normally and I don't see any other issues related to memory. I was running memory diagnotic tools, running AIDA stress tests without any issue detected. Last time I've notice this problem I was using XMP DDR4-3200 1.35v profile. After that I switched memory to default mode DDR4-2400 1.2v and don't see this bug for several days.

So this make me think that problem is somehow related to memory initialization with XMP profile, but I'm not sure which HW is not working properly MB or DRAM modules. Also I've never seen this problem doing hot reboot (when computer was already switched on). And as I wrote problems happens very rare and only during cold start after several hours after power off, everything can work for a week without any bug, so I can't show the problem to the seller and request HW replacement.

Memory - Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 2x8GB DDR4 BLS8G4D32AESBK.M8FE1

Does anyone seen such problems with x570 MB and Crucial DRAM or I'm the only lucky one with such a problem ?

Level 7
And BTW, on my old PC with ASUS MB and Intel CPU I was also having problems with non-standard DRAM. I replaced 2 or 3 DRAM overclocked kits and MB start working normally when I replaced all these overclocked DRAM kits with "slow" standard hunix kit. And now again, ASUS MB and overclocked memory problems. Start thinking that ASUS MB is a bad choice.

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yes i "had problems" with Crucial too, 2x4GB ballistix tracer, its also failing to load XMP 3000mhz cl15
But with semi manual settings they runs just fine at higher speed

depending on which bios version : 3200mhz/cl16
bios ver: 1201
Timings: (in bios) or
Disable: gear down in bios tab
Dram voltage: 1,36v
Command rate: 2 (cmd/cr)
Memory speed: 2800mhz
Set speed: 3200mhz (don't touch any other settings)
Now it should work, sometimes the board show one failed post, but the next post is successful and new timings stick
(conclusion: manual settings needs to be used or otherwise this kit wont run much faster than 2666mhz)

We have different chips in our kits, but this procedure is working fine for me and is 110% stable
My kit is more compatible with Asus 4 slot motherboards than 2 slot boards, so its overclocking with less hassle on my Asus x470 TUF than B450-i

Crucial Ballistix Tactical XMP 3000mhz/cl15 -> 3200mhz stable
X470 TUF->3533mhz memory bandwidth

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Memory speed 3200MHZ
Memory voltage 1.36v
Set these timings manually or
I think the motherboard will set this timing automatically so don#t bother with it (TCWL)
For motherboards (2 slot) CMD2, and gear down disabled
For motherboards (4 slot) CMD1 works fine but needs a little more voltage (CMD2 is playing it safe for stability)
Make sure gear down is disabled, or the motherboard will set timings and screw things up ROYAL
Good luck and happy new year, i hope this post can help someone in this community

It seems that ASUS was finally able to fix this problem starting with BIOS 2606. It took 10 long months 😞