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Asus PRIME X470-PRO new but damaged board

Level 7
Hi, I purchased this MB Asus AM4 Prime X470-PRO as brand new, when I brought it home and opened I noticed some dirt at the back of the board and one pin looks like it was soldered, I suspect that board was refurbished .
It is not very easy to spot, I used magnifying glass. When I spotted that traces I decided I dont want to use this board.
When I called Asus they told me it is not refurbished but they dont know why there are traces at the back of the board. I think I deserve help from Asus as I bought brand new product and end up with a problem and waste of time and money.
I used several Asus MB during a period of time and never before I experienced problem like this.
Is there someone from Asus who can contact me and help me in this situation?