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Asus Prime B365M-K HDD restrictions or faulty?

Level 7

Hello and sorry for my bad English,

i have this Board with a i7 8700 CPU an want to setup more thean 5 Drives. But Drive 6 on Sata 6 Port will not be recognized from Bios. is says its empty. The Drives are all the same, all Seagate Exos 20TB. 5 Drives are work fine.
If i setup a sata controller via PICE the same thing, BIOS is the last version, no M2 installed.

6x Sata up to 10 is important for me. The drives are fine, is this a restriction or a faulty board?

on more thing, the Drives are not recornized on Cold-Start atfter Power off. If i do a reboot the drives are online. But not Recognized by Bios too. The Point is, the Drives (8 Pices) shoult work into a Raid 5 or 6, but when the Drives are bad on Cold-Start the Raid goes down. Worst Case.

Any Idears?

Many Thanks