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Asus Maximus VIII Hero help needed

Level 7
I just installed a EK Water Blocks EK-XLC Predator 240 1.1 in my Maximus VIII Hero w/3401 UEFI pc yesterday.
My water-block and it's fans are working fine, as I left my Phantom 820 cases top panel off to see if the fans were spinning. They were and are.
What settings in the uefi do I need to change?
I had to pretty much turn off all cpu fan monitoring, just to be able to get into Windows 10.
Before I did that I was getting press F1 to run setup/cpu fan error.
Fans are working and cpu was 31 degress in uefi.
This is a upgrade from a Arctic Liquid Freezer 240 and my 15 6600K is overclocked to 4.5GHz on all 4-cores.
CPU's been overclocked to 4.5GHz. since I built it in July, 2016.

Level 14
If there is no fan connected to the CPU fan header the system will not boot past UEFI, a safety feature on all boards, either connect a case fan to this header or disable in bios are both acceptable methods to overcome this safety feature. Myself, i would connect the radiator fans to the CPU and CPU-op fan headers and let the motherboard control these fan speeds, just my preference

Level 15