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Asus maximus VII ranger boot error

Level 7
Dear asus fans,

Asus maximus ranger vii
i5 4690K
Crucial ballistix 2x4gb
Sapphire Ati 7950
1 Samsung evo SSD
1 Samsung F3 1TB HDD
Corsair 620w PSU

I just installed the motherbord, cpu and ram.
Its all connected perfectly and everything looks good in the bios.

However i get a 'bootmgr is missing' error. When i do boot, i get a BSOD error: 0x00007b
The motherbord red code says A2 when i cant boot at all (bootmgr is missing) and when i do get to my Windoes Boot Manager it says the code AE

How do i solve this?:(
I know my HDD and SSD are fine and so is my windows 7 installation.

I tried all boot orders but it wont help..

Any ideas? Much appreciated!

Level 13
show your new machine at photo 🙂
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