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Asus Maximus VII Hero USB 3 issues

Level 7
Hey guys.
I'm having as strange USB issue with my Maximus VII Hero.

I picked up a Audioengine D1 DACc, all but the lower USB 3 ports (circled in image) didn't work with the DAC at all, I get a warning about a hardware malfunction.

I had a friend bring over a Hitachi Touro USB 3 hard drive, it wouldn't work in anything but the lower 2 USB 3.0 ports as well.

Yet my Keyboard and mouse are connected to the black USB 2 ports work fine (DAC wouldn't work in them either), USB 3 flash drives, printer, USB 2.0 2.5" hard drive, MS Xbox360 wireless receiver, mobile phone all work perfectly in every port.
I also have a PCI slot USB 2 panel connected to the internal USB 2 ports and everything works perfectly in them too.

If I plug in a USB 3 hub into the middle USB 3 and top USB 2 ports the DAC works perfectly through the hub....

Is there something wrong with my motherboards or do the bottom 2 ports supply more power than the others?

Level 13
Hi schoolofmonkey

Have you Launched USB 3 boost from within AISuite's Main menu.

Once launched it should automatically detect USB 3 devices and is backward compatible with USB2.
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My System Specs:

MB:ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero/WiFi GPU:EVGA GTX 1080 sc PSU:Corsair AX-1200i
AMD R7 2700X Cooler: Corsair Hydro H115i Case: Corsair Carbide 780t

Memory:G.Skill TridentZ F4-3200C14D-16GTZR SSD:Samsung 500GB 960 EVO M.2


I don't even have USB 3 Boost or AI Suite installed.

No one seems to know, or is as stumped as I am.
You'd think if the USB ports were faulty they just wouldn't work with anything, not just 2 devices.

Plus they wouldn't work through a hub either.

I'm not having much luck with ROG boards at the moment, this is my 3rd Hero.
1 came out of the box with 2 bent pins, the second had a dead CPU fan socket now the issues with this one.

Level 7
You can close the thread, no one knows, returned the board and got a Gigabyte Z97X Gaming G1 Black Edition instead.
ALL USB PORTS WORK PERFECTLY WITH THE DAC, and strangely enough my front panel that wouldn't work with the Hero AT ALL.