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Asus Maximus VII Hero MEMory query

Level 7
Hi guys, I hope this is the right area to post this question.
I have the 7 hero board with the 4790 I7
Is it okay to run corsair vengence pro 1.65v in this board without damaging the cpu
or the memory controler ?
If so use XMP and leave the voltage at 1.65 , but not auto

Level 14
What memory kit, speed? Yes it should be OK if setting XMP the board should select the correct voltage but manually entering voltage is also fine. There is a possibility some manual running will be required if kit is very high speed.

Thank you for responding, the memory is as follows
Corsair Vengence pro 2x8 16gig at 2400mhz 1.65v.

I had corsair vengence 2133 4x4 16gig that i had to put in a different pc.
I bought the 2 8 gig sticks for my gaming rig and thought the extra $25.00 wasn't to bad
for the speed . I realize that 2x8 16gig at 1866mhz with a little tighter timings would have been fine.