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Asus Maximus vii Hero and i7-4790k Over-Heating Issue.(Doubt)

Level 7
For a long time(Years) my computer fan used to scream like a banshee whenever I worked in video editing or I turned my OBS recording on. It was only recently I realized that my CPU is overheating a lot constantly. The temperature went to 80C+ on Loads and 100C+ when I run a stress test (It was 40C on min). I'm using a software called core-temp to check the temp.

Yesterday I came across this thread on Asus ROG Forum and tweaked those 3 settings in the Bios my CPU fans have not screaming at me. I get <70C at 100%load (Stress test) and min is 35C. I just want to double-check if everything is alright now or did I end up messing something...(Why did changing this settings from "auto"->the optimized value fix my overheating issues? I assumed my motherboard will automatically put the best settings) I have not overclocked my CPU.

The Forum Image which showed me what values I should set.

My Current State(After optimization) shown in Cpu-Z

Often motherboard manufacturers will use default voltages that are higher than strictly necessary in order to ensure stability. More voltage also means more heat. A low quality CPU may become unstable with lower voltages where a golden sample may be able to undervolt significantly while remaining stable. Because the board cannot know how good your CPU is it may use a higher voltage guaranteed to work with the largest number of CPUs.

Also, occasionally there will be bugs. Sometimes a newer or older BIOS may work better.
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