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Asus Maximus Vi Impact overheating?!

Level 7
Hey everyone!

I could really need some help, suggestions here:

I recently built a new MiniITX system and ran into issues right from the start...
Im going to list my system specs:
Asus Maximus Vi Impact motherboard
Intel Core i7 4770K cpu cooled with a Corsair H110
Corsair Vengence 8gb 1600MHz C8 RAM (2x4gb)
ASUS Radeon 7970 graphics card - reference cooler
Corsair RM650W PSU
Corsair Force GT 120gb SSD

First of all, after assembling the system, the Impact gave me the number 71 on the debug LED. So i started testing all my components. It came out that everything runs just fine on other motherboards, so i flashed the BIOS with the BIOS flashback feature that this board supports. (although i could not find how to rename the bios file at first, but the bios renamer under bios utilities worked).
So i installed Win7 and all, but to be honest, my 4770K runs f***ing hot.
Untouched clock speeds, not even XMP is enabled, the chip pulls a 1.26V and the core temps reached 85 degrees celsius at 3900MHz turbo speed. Remember this is a Corsair H110 cooling the CPU with two pressure optimized fans on the radiator, currently in pull setup. Thermal paste is an Arctic Cooling MX4. Repasted it a couple of times to test differences.
What i did after, was try overclocks but the damn thing wont even run a 4.2GHz stable. I followed so many guides how to oc haswells but without success.
Then i did delid the chip, changed the TIM , now core temps went down to a 67-74 degrees celsius under load, however the package temp is still reaching 79-82 degrees, just like the labeled as CPU temp (on OCCT).

I realized something that im not sure is right.. the Impact Power (the raised pcb part where the boards power management is) is f****ing hot. I mean so hot under load that it burns my fingers within a second!
I have built a few systems before, but never experienced something this hot to the touch on a motherboard, unless it was faulty.
Also a big issue in my opinion, that the Vengeance heatspreaders touch the side of the impact power so they are getting insanely hot aswell. These rams were never hot in my previous system, and they ran 1.65V, 1866, c9 there along with a 2700K stable on 5GHz.

I know 4770K -s do not oc well, or the difference between chips is huge, but not even 4.2GHz?? 3.9 GHz and temps on package reaching 82 degrees, core 0 at 79 degrees? After delid-ing? Oh and these temps occur even on a test bench. Room temp is 21 degrees celsius.

Do you guys thing that my motherboard is faulty, or its just such a bad chip, or am i really this stupid and im missing something?

Looking forward to your replies.