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ASUS Maximus VI Hero Error 53

Level 7
Decided to start my own thread,

here are my specs

The error is '53' on the mobo, when I take the RAM out all together, it switches to '55'

I have tried seating the RAM in every slot and I push it in hard until it clicks.

I tried to flashback the BIOS using a FAT32 memory pen and renamed the file to M6H.CAP but when I hold in the BIOS button, it flashes for about 10 seconds then goes to a solid blue.

I have read around this error a lot tonight, I think the first step is checking the CPU.

Any advice would be great. I'll update accordingly.


Level 7
I'm trying to troubleshoot, just going through some simple things to make sure they are correct.

I have my PSU connected to the Mobo using a 24 pin connector.

My PSU also comes with two sockets 'CPU 1' and 'CPU 2' to connect to the Mobo.

I am using 'CPU 1' to connect to the Mobo using 1x EPS12V 4+4 pin.

According to the manual for the PSU, the only difference between CPU 1 and CPU 2 is that CPU 1 is12V1 and CPU2 is 12V3.

I assume that won't make any difference?

Would I be safe to test CPU 2 with the Mobo?

Thanks 🙂

Level 40
Test with socket CPU 2 cable.

Full clear CMOS is a good idea as you know and have done I am sure.
Use only one stick of memory, try each slot.
Clear CMOS between each attempt.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

I haven't cleared CMOS yet as I wanted to see if it was essential.

I managed to get the computer to boot using breadboard with one of the RAM slots, its like slot 3 randomly. Slot 1 and 4 didn't work, didn't get to try 2. (I tried all of them when it was still in the case though)

The BIOS came up and said CPU FAN ERROR! even though the fan is running fine.

It switches between error 53 and 55 depending on what slot I use, which sounds like it isn't detecting the RAM in certain slots...

Do you reckon I have the fan too tight or do I have one side tighter than the other?

OR is is the CPU? (possibly not sitting correctly or possibly bent pins?)

Thanks so much for the replies!

Level 7
I turned the board off even though I got into BIOS, I guess that might have been a mistake but I completely panicked when it said the CPU cooler had a fault (I was afraid of burning up the CPU)

Should I try to start it again and edit the BIOS manually to suit my RAM?

I have never done that type of thing before.

If I should, what voltages etc should I be putting in for this RAM

Just to be clear, I am still using the Aftermarket Cooler, I didn't want to switch to Stock unless I really had to.

Sorry for so many questions, really would love to get this working

Level 7
Sitting refreshing 'HiVizMan' profile until he is online and sees my posts.


Level 7
Hey guys,

I got the computer to go to BIOS with RAM in two slots, and it seems to be detecting both sticks.

Turns out I couldn't get the RAM to fit PROPERLY into the slot closest to the cooler. (I still can't)

Is it fine leaving the ram in the slot furthest from the CPU (say slot 4) and then slot 2?

Level 40
Sorry dude had to go do some stuff over lunch time.

Use the slots further away if you need to, there will be such a small performance hit that I doubt that anyone would notice.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 7
Got both RAM in slots 2 & 4, in BIOS.

Should I install OS first or update BIOS?

Also I'm using the NZXT Phantom 410 but only the back fan is spinning. Not the top fan.

Is that normal?


Level 15
Proceed to install your OS. The rule of thumb is do not update your BIOS unless you're experiencing stability problems.

Regarding the fan, have you plugged it into a fan header correctly?