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Asus maximus v formula & error code AE

Level 7
Dear all,

I need your help. I have the system with the bellow hardware:
asus maximus v formula
intel core i7 3770k
corsair dominator platinum 2133 8GB
ssd samsung 840 pro
corsair tx 850W
windows 10 pro 64

My problem is that yesterday when i reset my pc with rescue usb stick from macrium reflect, after the second restart the PC stopped finding the ssd with the OS. After the post with logo i have black screen and error code at the motherboard AE. The manual says that is a legacy boot event. I have already try to boot from the disk with these ways:

  • 1

i try to boot from it without change boot option 1 or 2 just choose it from the bellow options

  • 2

after that i change the boot option 1 to ssd and 2 to cd and again with 2 ssd and 1 cd

  • 3

i have already check the sata config and is already at ACHI mode cause of ssd.

Do you know how i can fix this error ?
When i am trying to boot live Linux or something else it works perfect but when i try to boot from ssd i have the error code that i mention before.

Thank you in advance.