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Asus Maximum Formula V Anti-Surge and Reboots

Level 7
Hi all,

FIrst post here, looking forward to hearing some wise advice.

My computer has been a punk for the last 3 weeks. It began with the computer randomly rebooting. Happened in Assassins Creed IV first with an adjusted 5% increase in the GPU output through Zotac Firestorm (Zotac GTX 680 2GB). Hmmm... I put the values back to normal but the computer began resetting randomly at windows startup, while playing games, while opening explorer.... Very random, I thought it might be the card, but the increase was modest, I didn't think I had fried anything.

In order I have tried:

1. Replacing the GTX 680 with an old GTS 460. Problem persists.
2. Hit the Clear CMOS button at the back of Asus Formula to default motherboard settings. Computer still reboots, but now I also get updated that there has been a power surge to protect my computer on start up. I have to hit F1 to continue.
3. Ran Memtest86+ 6 runs. No bad memory. Upon return to Windows, reboots and power surge warnings continue.
4. Reinstalled WIndows 7 64 bit. Emptied all three of my disk drives. Clean start.
5. 7/8 of the way through reinstalling the system, the computer rebooted while moving documents, pictures and videos to my data drive.
6. Run Norton Antivirus Full Scan, and download Malwarebytes, check both backup drive and computer in safe mode. No viruses and malware. Computer still restarts, power surge!

I have read on other posts the the PSU might be the culprit, but it has been running for the past year with no problems.
I would really appreciate advice on the next step.


System Build

i7-3770K @3.5
16 GB Ram
650W Corsair
Zotac 680GTX 2GB AMP
256GB SSD and 1TB and 2TB drives
Sound Blaster ZxR
Asus Formula V

Level 7

After further attempts to isolate the problem..... like running BIOS all day, and no reset, I decided apprehensively to disable the anti surge feature. It doesn't feel right but the computer has been running for two days with no problems. From lots of reading on-line it seems several people have this anti-surge problem with the Corsair 650TX. Is there maybe a too large a tolerance problem specifically with this PSU's output? Specifically after an overclocking of graphics card had been attempted?

I just felt it was odd that this problem popped up after the first attempt to get 5% more performance out of the video card, and then the same reboot problem occurred with another video card. Clearly not video card problem.... hmm. Any thoughts would be appreciated.