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ASUS m.2 x16 expansion card backwards compatibility

Level 7
Hey guys,

was just wandering if anyone could clarify what sort of graceful degradation the expansion card has , specifically if it will work as an m.2 adaptor for a single ssd with a rog m6e. i ask as the price is only 30-40% more than a no name brand single slot card and i am due a MB upgrade in the near future anyway so its just to bridge the gap until then 🙂

i7 4770k @ 3900MHz 1.0v
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GTX 580 Matrix Platinum 980 MHz @1150mV GDDR @ 50015 effective @ mV
20GB Corsiar Vengeance 2x8GB PRO + 1x4GB
2X 120GB Corsair GT SDD - RAID 0
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i5 760 @4139MHz 1.40v
12GB coarair vengance 2012MHz 9-9-9-20 @ 1.65V
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