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(ASUS HELP!) X370-F UNSTABLE Dram F4-3200C14D-16GTZSK (2133/3200MHz) same w 3000KIT

Level 9

I'm having some annoying issues with DRAM config. A little history first and specs

I bought the ryzen 5 1600x cpu for the strix x370-f gaming mobo,
with Gskill 3000MHz (don't remember the type)

where I had issues to run it stable at 2666MHz because of the lack of 3000MHz support.
the latest CPUID ROG CPU-Z would result in PCreboot in seconds if I selected SPD to check at what MHz the DRAM was running.
the bios reports max setting at 2133MHz :confused:back then, so to check system stability I set them to the auto 2133MHz but CPUID also resulted in the same PCreboot😞
(also usb stops functioning when the rebootcrash happens).
in the meantime there was a bios update to 8.10 = same result.
They were installed into slot 2&4, so I tried slot 1&3 = same result.:(

So after hours of being frustrated I checked the QVL dram list provided on the website and replaced my old DRAM with
a dual channel GSkill F4-3200C14D-16GTZSK kit. The ones supporting 3200 in top of the QVL list.

The Bios however mentiones preferred bandwidth at 2133MHz which is odd :confused:because of the QVL list and the 3200MHz support on the X370-F
so I manually set it to 3200MHz, I checked CPUID again also mentions Max Bandwith at 2133MHz.. which annoys me still.:mad:

I played a day or two ARMA3, Titanfall 2 without issues, untill suddenly I had a new PCreboot...:(
So I checked CPUID again at the SPD tab and BAM another pcreboot in mere seconds, I installed my memory in slot 2&4
Meanwhile I noticed there is a new bios 8.13 and installed that, hoping the issue would FINALLY be gone, but no.. same crash over and over again...
So to check system stability I set the DRAM to 2133MHz (which annoys me still):mad: in the bios and again PCreboot with CPUID on the SPD tab.

Also when set to 3200Mhz my timings were incorrect i got 16/16/16 ,while it should be 14/14/14

What the ???? is going on:confused:

Asus please help me out and explain to me why MAX BANDWIDTH is mentioned as 2133Mhz while using higher frequency rammodules

so to clarify I've had issues with a 3000MHZ kit running at 2666 and 2133, replaced those with the QVL 3200MHz and still have the same issue!

*update: Set D.C.O.P Standard, DRAM frequency and timings correct, result = immediate crash when selecting SPD on CPUID
*update 2: 2 more random crashes on default optimised settings bios... pc is unreliable!
*update 3: installed bios 8.17 less crashes than before, but more random crashes.. also fancontrol is bugged.. since 8.17 AIO speed keeps changing although I set manual 100% it keeps dropping, even when AIO pump control is disabled

also I was quick enough to take a screenshot of the SPD tab setting of CPUID, which I had to try several times and close CPUID quick enough so my pc wouldn't reboot

With regards ,

somewhat becoming unhappy with my Mobochoice...

Level 9
I would love to have some feedback on this.. it's been 2 weeks

Level 9
just to mention, asus never bother to respond to this..

meanwhile it was pretty much solved by biosupdates though.. wel can't say solved for sure, because once in a while a random reboot keeps happening, i contacted gskill and they said their ram is NOT compatible with the mobo, while asus's QVL vendor list clearly mentions the ramkit, GSKILL doesn't have the mobo in their QVL list. and deny all support because of wrong ram for the mobo.. thank you asus. manually setting it to 3200 didn't make it as unstable anymore though. so it's somewhat fixed