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Asus H370-F - Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (7) I219-V

Level 7
My motherboard has an ugly name for its Intel ethernet adapter. It's even displayed in the BIOS. I've tried resetting my OS, and resetting the CMOS, but that number (7) just doesn't go away.

My OCD is eating into me and I'm planning on buying a brand new same motherboard because I realise that this issue is no longer prevalent. I managed to update my BIOS firmware a couple times and the number did not increase. It's stayed. So that means if I got a new H370-F, the Intel ethernet adapter will remain without the number which would be pleasant.

May I know if any of you face this issue with your motherboard, or if you're also a H370-F owner and no longer see this issue? It's very important to me, I need my computer to be perfect otherwise I get really agitated. I was hoping a high quality retailer such as Asus wouldn't have such an issue, but it happens whenever the system have similar adapters of similar names. They should replace it instead of adding a number next to it, is how I feel is the right way to do it.

I've written to Asus to hopefully fix this problem because the numbering seems stuck and fixed into my BIOS.

Let me know, I want a permanent change, I've tried changing from the Windows registry but that only changes how the OS perceives the adapter's name to be not the actual adapter's name.

Level 40

This number 7 in parenthesis will never disappear, it's the revision of your I219-V ethernet controller.