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ASUS H270F ROG STRIX CPU LED Sometimes light up when gaming

Level 7
Dear all, Recently i have built a PC for gaming. Everything runs great and i am getting good performance from my machine. But Sometimes i notice my H270F motherboard's CPU LED lights up and goes away for just a few seconds. It is not a usual occurrence and only happens very rarely. E.g. today i was playing Forza Horizon 3 and the red LED lit up for maybe 2 seconds and went away in my 2 hour gaming session.
The performance was however not affected whatsoever. I am just wondering if there is anything i need to troubleshoot or if this is common for CPU under load. The ASUS manual mentioned only of LED staying on during POST until problem is resolved. But it didn't mention anything about coming on and off during normal operation.
Is this normal for asus 270 series boards? Maybe some form of thermal throttling indicator?

This happens very rarely, but it bothers me that i might have done something wrong during the building.


ASUS H270F ROG STRIX MOBO with default out of box bios
Intel core i7 7700 (non unlocked)
stock intel CPU cooler (included with CPU)
16 GB corsair LPX @ 2400 MHZ
Zotac GTX 1080 amp extreme