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Asus Extreme Rampage IV freezing

Level 7
Hello everyone,

One year ago I have bought Asus Extreme Rampage IV. I´m using Intel Core i7-3970X with air cooling and 8GBx4 RAM.
Bios is from 2012.

When I bought this everything works fine ... but then I decide to overclock it, and I have used game profile from bios. Since then I have problems with freezing. But this freezing is not constant. Sometimes computer don’t freeze for few weeks, and then suddenly after few hours of working just freeze. Then I usually turn off the computer and try to change the setting and sometimes it working sometimes not. But then after few hours of changing different setting, the computer again works fine.

But this problem doesn’t stop. It makes me really crazy.

Can you please help me? I don’t know what to do whit this error - freezing.

Is there any possibility to make the settings as normal - and not as overclocked? Currently I don’t need so much power and I would like to have stable working of computer without freezing.
I have using windows 8.1 x64.

P.S. I usually get warning DRAM AB - it is around 1.47 - BUT ONCE time i have make some setting and I did not get any warning like this, but computer still freeze.

Please help me with advices.


Level 40
Hi there 🙂

To restore defaults you can go into BIOS and press F5 for default settings and then F10 save and exit....or press the clear CMOS button on the back of the board (I/O) when the computer is off but powered.

The freezing is probably some instability from the OC. The presets are not a great way to OC..they are catch-alls that often leave you using more voltage than you need or with some setting that your particular system does not like.

Once you restore default settings don't forget to set your RAM up again...XMP and of you go..

Is your RAM one single quad channel kit?

Dear Arne,

thank you for fast replay.

Where is the CLEAR CMOS button? Is shown on the first on the second pic bellow?

You have asked me about the RAMs. Can you get the answere from this computer spec:
GEIL ENHANCE CORSA 32Gb (4×8Gb), DDR3- -1600 MHz (PC3-12800), Latency 9-9-9-28, voltage 1,5 V

Intel i7-3970X Extreme Edition
ASUS Rampage IV Extreme LGA 2011 Intel X79, SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Extended ATX Intel Motherboard
ASUS GeForce GTX 680
OCZ VERTEX 4 SATA III 6Gbps , 2.5" SSD, 256 GB, R: 560 MB/s, W: 510 MB/s, 120,000 IOPS
CROSAIR HYDRO SERIES H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU cooler

When you told me which button is right I will try this.

For CMOS clear button is enough just to press once time for quick or to press and to hold for few seconds, when the computer is off but powered.
So, with this procedure the BIOS will be set up to default? I hope this will help that computer will work stable.

You have mentioned "set your RAM up again...XMP and of you go" - what you means with this? So when my BIOS will be setup to default I must go to BIOS and set up ram and XMP? How to do this? Can you please write me.

So if I just reset BIOS with clearing CMOS this would not be enough?

PS: When I press the clear CMOS button and when the computer is turned on, what will happen? What will be shown on the screen? What is the next procedure?


Level 40
Yep that's it in the first and hold 3 seconds. Do this when the computer is off!

For setting RAM up XMP

I have clear CMOS. Then I used manual XMP - in properties (look at the pic) it was shown that I had only 16GB RAM (but I have 32GB), .... because of this I tried to use profile 1 for XMP.... and now everything is working ... I didnt test computer for few hours ... but only mistake is ... the WARNING of DRAM AB is still here.

Here are the picture ... what can be wrong? Everything is set as it should be from the link you have give to me.


Level 40
Hmm that all looks fine to that warning from AI Suite by any chance?


My computer works for 3 hours without any problems .... and then i turn off computer for 1 hour .... Now I turn on it and after 5 minutes it freeze again.

Now Im trying again to turn on but it doesnt works....

What can be wrong?

I have tried to clear Cmos again .... And when i came into bios, while I making the setting it freeze. Sometimes even if I reset CMOS I can not came into bios.

Do you have any idea what can be wrong?

PS: I have also AL suite installed.

Level 40
Hmm OK can you strip the system back to essential components only... no peripherals connected except mouse and keyboard and take out all the RAM and try one stick at a time on the first red slot right of the CPU...see if this happens with any one stick...and again on the red slot furthest from CPU on the right...

You have two BIOS chips on that board..maybe swap to the other BIOS and see if it's the same story..

Maybe unplug and reseat power connections and try different SATA connectors if you have....

Do you have another PSU to try?

Finally maybe reseat CPU and check all is ok in the socket...

Level 7
I dont have anything with myself because am in abroad.

Is there anything else to check?

Because it is really strange, because sometime works fine and then i have frezzing.

This is the pic from inside:

How to swap to second bios?

After few times of trying With clearing CMOS I make that computer turn on. i have set also the XMP on profile 1.

But after 2 minutes computes freezed and than after 10 second shout down.... after this shout down then turn on but nothing happen on the screen...