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Asus croshair v formula z SDRAM led sometimes doesnt post.

Level 7
Hello guys,, need your help im getting mad with this problem,

CPU: AMD 9370
MOBO:Asus croshair v formula z BIOS= 2201
RAM:Corsair Vengeance 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit (CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9)
PSU: 1000w
VGA: GTX 650 ti boost

My problem.
Most of times my pc boots normal windows 8,
when i choose terminate and press the button (of the case) to start again sometimes it starts to post,
and suddenly everything goes off before windows loading. I press the key again and everything is ok,
it starts normal. What i mean, sometimes it post sometimes doesnt, when it doesnt i see FF code and SDRAM led.
When it starts normal evrything is ok, all tests passed no SDRAM led.
in 10 boots 4-5 it wont boot :///
your help plz....