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ASUS B550 F-Gaming WIFI // BIOS Questions

Level 7

1. Why was the BIOS 1002 removed for B550 F-Gaming? Have there been problems here? I have installed this version and would like to have some information here 😉

2.Why are the settings deleted after every BIOS update?
If I transfer settings from an old version to the new BIOS version, my computer does not start up anymore. So I have to adjust the settings manually after each update

3. Why is the mouse in BIOS so slow? 😉

4. I have PBO and ASUS Performance active from the beginning, is that normal? Find it uncool if OC settings are active directly from the factory.


Level 7
i1) was very supprised as well. they are back to 0805 since today. i have no problems with 1002 at all. my ram ist running perfect for the first time ever .

2) well my saved personal profile files are lost each time i update the bios. now with 1002 i found that my profiles are still there even after a cmos reset via jumper. bat taken out. after restarting, the profiles were still there. we see how it goes with the upcoming update. but even on my b350-f each time after a bios update the profiles are gone.

3) do you use gsync or freesync ? sometimes it does this. i got gsync and same issue.

4) asus performance boost (cpu holding high speed longer) was always disabled here. did 3-4 bios updates. only the option for prog. boost ala sinebench aso. is on auto.

i opend a threat here -->

just in case.
Orwell was an optimist

Thanks @celab

The mods can then please move the posts here into the thread?

- yes, I have FreeSync active.

- The BIOS settings are a real pain in the ass. Meanwhile I write everything down on a piece of paper to make sure I don't forget anything after the update. But sorry, even my old AsRock Pro 3 from 2012 has taken over the settings very easily.
In my opinion this should not happen.

- PBO: all right, weird, at least active for me.

Let me preface this by saying that the following is completely anecdotal... but:

I have a 3950x CPU and have been monitoring the temperatures (with coretemp) for about one month, a few hours each day, during normal use.

I noticed for the first time, yesterday, that the max temperature hit 105 deg C. Usually, the maximum is around 80 deg C.

I had updated the bios a couple of days prior (0805 to 1002). After noticing the 105 max temp, I went and looked for a bios update on the support page, and noticed that version 1002 had disappeared... Suffice to say, I immediately downgraded back to 0805.

As I said, this could be completely coincidental, or just a freak measurement, bug, whatever; but I'm not taking any chances.

ASUS TUF GAMING B550-PLUS and no problems with BIOS 805 or the missing 1002.
But I do not enable DOCP, prefer to use the settings from 1usmus DRAM Calculator for Ryzen

My Crucial Ballistix 2x16 3200MHz BL16G32C16U4R.M16FE1 is working perfect at 3733MHz.
The 1usmus Calculator is a wonderful tool!