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Asus Aura window appears evertime I start computer

Level 7
So there's this window that flashes every time I restart my computer. It is pretty quick and it looked like a command prompt window. I took a screenshot and the window title points to AsRogAuraGpuDllServer.exe

It didn't always come on. I mean it did, then it stopped, and now after uninstalling a different program it's doing it again.

Is there any way to stop this window from popping up every time I enter my desktop?

Apologies is this is in the wrong section. I'm only using this program because I have the X99 Strix motherboard.


Level 15

Chino wrote:
It shows up for me as well. It belongs to the AURA software for controlling the RGB LEDs.

This happens to me as well. I have the Z170 pro gaming aura MOBO. Does anyone know any way to disable this?
Also, I located the executable: Program Files (x86) > ASUS > AURA > AsRogAuraGpuDllServer.exe

This just started happening on my machine. Prior to doing a fresh reinstall of Win 10 this never happened. It is quite a nuisance and I would love to find a way to make it stop