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Asus 365m plus cant get memory to run at cas 14 or higher lacking support no new bios

Level 7
i noticed this board that i just got has been out 11 months and no updated bios? why is that?

also what shjould i be able to get I cant get the memory to run any faster than optimized defualts wich is cas 16 t2 2400mhz when im pretty sure im spose to get xmp or atleast my memory specs wich are 14-14-14-31 2t 3200mhz? are there some unknown restrictions on this model? or is it cause the bios aint had any updates put out by asus? anyone with this board doing any better?
Asus Hero Maximus Z370, intel 8700k Corsair c16-18-18-36 vengence 3200mhz 750evga PSU rx580gpu