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Asia 970 pro gaming/aura. No post.

Level 7
Just recently I needed to change my motherboard out for a new from an Asus crosshair v formula a-z to a asus 970. *Reason being, because I had a leak in my and my coolant seemed to have gotten all over the the top half of the motherboard. Besides the CPU because it was covered by the cooler. And just one of the ram modules. That's about it. The rest of the motherboard seemed to not have gotten wet. Might I add the system was on for at least 5 mins before I realized what had happened. So it pretty much killed whatever it touched I assume because it shut itself off. * Anyways, I finished swapping the boards out. And when I tried to post I saw nothing. Everything was on all of the fans were spinning. Only problem was the CPU led being bright RED. I had it run for about 5 mins before shutting it down. So now I'm in trouble shooting phase. First thing I do is replace the ram module that seemed to have gotten wet and left one inserted. Only because I thought it was the dram led that was on but it wasn't, lol. I try to post again but this time my pc turns on for about 4 seconds and then off. So I remove the CPU and inspect for errors. Found 0. I replaced the CPU in its respective location. And I still get the same error. I get no errors with the graphics cards "says the motherboard ". And there in a loop so checking them one by one would prove difficult. But I will try it as a last resort. So I tested the power supply and I get interesting results. All of the connections are in the proper place so why am I getting errors? I found that I get different results when I remove the 8 pin motherboard cable from the top and boot the pc. I get power to the motherboard and it turns on normally no LED's flashing but still no post. Figures! Insert the 8pin back and boot, back to the same problem as before. on then off. Anyone have any advice??*

Asus 970 pro gaming/aura
Amd 8 core processor black edition
G skill 8gb ram
Asus rog matrix platinums 7970 x2 in crossfire.**
9tb hdd*
ABS mj1100-m

Level 7
Problem solved. It's all f'd.*

Level 7
So be careful when it comes to water cooling and swapping out dead boards for new ones. Make sure all the parts other than the ones getting replaced work properly. Otherwise you'll waste your time and money. All just to have a busted power supply take the new motherboard and all of the other components with it. Shameful... 😞 was a good pc.*