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Arrrrgh! I cannot figure how how to get my 4790k to use less voltage on my Hero VII !

Level 11
Allright, i've been battling this damn thing for a year and I really could use some help with this freaking Devils Canyon. I've got a 4790k Devils that i'm pushing at 4.7ghz on my Hero VII mobo on DDR3600 G.Skill Trident memory.* On auto voltage my 4790k is swalling up 1.349v on the core though my temps keep reasonable below 70c on my Thermalright True Spirit 140 power.

I have been trying to figure how the hell to exactly get the vcore to go lower and still allow the CPU to downlock and reduce voltage on lower/idle loads vs just manually adjusting the voltage.* The menu system on this ROG board is making it really hard for me to figure out how to use either offset or adaptive voltage.* Any help from overclocking guru's would be great. I've got included screenshots of my current settings and mobo UEFI layout


gupsterg wrote:
1ceTr0n, personally I like setting the CPU Core Voltage Offset [Auto]->[0.001]; this is how my setup is.


Like you I'm on air, if you do run P95 use non AVX version (27.9), what I like about RealBench stress mode is not only is the CPU on test but the GPU, so whole system getting a good workout.

Looking at your other screenshots your system should lower voltage at idle, what power profile do you use in windows?

I use balanced which is tweaked so it never sleeps or hibernates

Level 7
To tell you the truth you will never see good temps with this CPU, and general with this generation Z97.

I have the same CPU and MB and i have Bequiet Dark Rock Pro 3 cooler. I put it in 1.25-1.26V and still temps are going to high 90C !!

Its simply impossible to cool this CPU. I feel that i can push it more than 4.85 GHz that i have now, but it would hit 100+ C, not worth it.