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Anyone catch the FOLDING news on Fox Monday ?

Level 7
They gave cudos to gamers for unlocking a Protien code in a week that real scientists could NOT do for over a year.. Wonder if it was done with a CHV ?

I have to admit I had no clue what this Folding stuff was until I seen the broadcast.

** MONDAY ** Typo in header line LOL sorry
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Level 10
That's awesome, I have to get started with folding.

The only thing I can find on this is referring to a game called "Foldit." Still awesome. Here is the article I found. Was this the FOX story, or was there two similar stories in the span of a couple weeks?
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Level 18
Here is some more info...and a ps3 folding link... if you had to hook a monkeys brain up to a car battery to cure
cancer or save one human life...I have one thing to say........... the red one is positive. Not one monkey has ever been injured by the ROG Team. the actual project.... CUDOS TEAMROG ps3

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Folding FTW always