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Anybody making use of the 7.1 sound?

Level 8
It seems about impossible to locate a 7.1 system, a couple were made but are now discontinued for some reason, I don't know maybe the price turned people off. But I just managed to pick up the Creative Gigaworks s750 system for $150, originally listed at $500. It's a 700 watt 7.1 system and it rocks.

I can't wait until nobody else is home so I can do a sub test without getting yelled at, the sub on this thing is massive compared to your typical PC speaker sub.
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Level 7
i read some reviews on that system,it looks really good and a good deal wow I have an older denon avr1803 and i love the 7.1 with movies especially with blue ray. if you can, keep your sub low down to the ground and try to put your 7 speakers at least 5-6 feet above the floor try to get the side speakers beside you and the rears 4-5 feet behind you and the front 4-5 feet infront of you it helps to seperate the sound. enjoy enjoy