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Any chance Asus distributes CIM Provider ?

Level 7

I installed an ESXI Server on a Maximus impact VII and this work perfectly!

Now I'd love to be able to monitor the sensors on my card but Asus must provide CIM

Possible ?!

Level 14
From what I've seen, Asus doesn't ever make any special efforts to support server-grade technologies on their ROG-branded enthusiast-/gamer-grade products. Different markets, different customers, different economies, different missions.

I'd thought that required CIM components are typically included in the Hypervisor releases? But, if not, then you might be able to find the "optional" Binary you need in one of the OEM ESXi packages.

I suppose it's possible to extract a CIM/IMM UEFI code module from an enterprise mobo then insert it on your ROG mobo. Then test and tweak the firmware (without any real support from Asus, lol) until you can make it all work correctly. It seems like a whole lot of reinvent-the-wheel effort for something which provides so little gain and which nobody else in the world would ever use. But, hey, I've been known to "waste" my time before doing equally "useless" things with modded technology, lol.
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