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Analog 5.1 subwoofer output problem

Level 7

When playing mp3 music, subwoofer has no audio but it works when watching movies.

Im using analog output from ASUS TUF Gaming B550M-Plus with Win 10 64-bit 

For some reason, i have to use generic windows driver from 2019 in order to get bass management and sound to my subwoofer. Mp3 and movies works fine but in specific games, subwoofer plays on my center speaker and center plays on subwoofer. They are switched. In this case the realtek audio console is deinstalled and thus no subwoofer gain controls.

If i use Armoury crate, it shows realtek driver for download. But than i loose bass management, however, realtek console shows all speakers for 5.1 setup. When i click on subwoofer, sound is there but not when playing mp3 music or youtube.

How can i make this thing work?